This is our contribution to the Talent Unlocked festival taking place across prisons in the East Midlands. Usually, the festival takes place as a series of pop-up performances and workshops, however Covid has killed the vibe once more so again this year, the festival will be a series of videos broadcast on the prison TV channel. Watch below.

Due to prison security measures, Get Wise were not able to use any the amazing drama footage devised and filmed inside HMP Nottingham with our Creative Retreat crew back in 2018 /2019. Nor are we able to share with you some of the Koestler Award winning music and spoken word tracks :-(

So instead, in this video we share some of our creative experiences in prison and hope everyone who has collaborated with us remembers that we think they are deserving people with amazing potential and bright futures.

Just Get Wise.

With thanks to Mark Bellamy for his drawings, paintings and poems Insta: bellamy2689 Doucharella for her song - Maybe Tomorrow

Nichola, Michelle, Paula, Shelley, Paul the Hutch and Jenny for their voice overs

André and Taylor for their animation

The Creative Retreat boys at HMP Nottingham for their kind words.