Our years of effective face-to-face engagement with SEEDs (people from a place of social, economic or emotional disadvantage) has proven that the most crucial thing of all to positive and permanent change, growth and opportunity, and sadly something that is missing from almost every other intervention or programme out there, is ‘love.’

We nurture our SEEDs with love.

We are fortunate enough to have spent many long days chatting openly with offenders about what they really feel and what they really need and yet, we have too often heard the disappointment in their voices when they thought everything was finally going to be okay, they were, in fact, back to square one because the interventions, programmes, courses or support services they invested so much hope in somehow didn’t manage to deliver on their promises. They didn’t offer any love.

"They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds."

Let’s be very clear, we are not talking about romantic, familiar or enduring love. Aristotle called it, ‘a dispassionate virtuous love,’ and Plato called it ‘platonic,’ meaning without physical attraction. For us, love is a love between equals with a sense of loyalty, solidarity and of sacrifice for the team; a love that connects to the mind, the soul and the spirit and is self-love, selfless love and affectionate love. We all need it and yet so many SEEDs have never known it.

“Without love, where would you be now?”

The Doobie Brothers.