A massive thank you to Andrew for making this video with us 12 months after his release. We'd say his handy-work was super-pro for a first-timer! He directed and edited it and we filmed him. Mostly, we thank Andrew for transforming his life and proving that it can be done, at any age! (Not that we are a saying 'you old' Andy!).

We met Andrew on a lyrical detox at HMP Ranby and at first, he struggled with it, "I just couldn't focus on writing songs, I was p*ssed off with not receiving my mail," he recalls. "Then I started to write down my angry thoughts and started to realise that I was more angry with myself for all the years I wasted without my family." After many chats and many lyrical attempts and finally a song, Andrew was more determined than ever to keep clean on his release and to start to build the relationships back up that he had torn down through years of drug abuse. He's a tough old Ox ;-) and yet he won't take all the credit, "I couldn't have done it without your support," he says, generously as ever.

Watch his awesome video and listen to some great advice from a wise and inspirational man.



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