Peace is possible!



There's no way anyone is moving on from anything unless they start talking about it. Some people can bury things deep and carry on with their lives for sure, sometimes that's all that they can do to survive. Though we all must accept that supressed negativity will somehow manage to sneak it's way back into our lives at some point. It could be through our behaviour, our reactions to others' behaviour, it could be how we view ourselves, our confidence, our motivation. One way or another, we will all need to face our demons if we want to find some kind of peace in our lives. Talking about it may seem impossible but if you are with the right kind of people, those that won't judge you or those that are dealing with the same stuff, then you might find talking about it really helps. 


Get Wise had one of these 'chats' with some wives, girlfriends and family members of men inside. They are in need of talking about it too!  The key themes that came out of the chat were resentment, pride, money and childhood neglect.  We asked the women to team up and create Instagram posts to reflect their feelings or to motivate and support others. These are just a handful of some of the cool graphics they created.


                      By Kelsey. Sister of Lee. Serving 4 years at HMP Ranby.


                     By Jo. Partner of Ryan. Serving 9 months at HMP Nottingham.



                      By Candice. Girlfriend of Tom. Serving 2 years at HMP Ranby.



                      By Keira. Daughter of Jared. Serving 5 years at HMP Onley.





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